Friday, June 21, 2013

Body Image and Obesity, Lane Public Library

A digital pathfinder is a path that you follow to learn decent information from reputable sources. The internet is a big place, and this will help you start finding websites and online resources to learn more about the topic of body image and obesity. This pathfinder is just a starting point, so explore away.

If you want books on the subject of body image and obesity, try the nonfiction section. Ask a librarian or follow the signs to the following Dewey Decimal Numbers:
613.2 - Nutrition
613.7046 - Teen Fitness
616.8526 - Eating Disorders
Also, check out the Merriam-Webster's Dictionary, offered as both a book and online.

Articles and Databases:
If you would like up-to-date articles try a few of the library databases:
General Research Databases (Ebscohost): Enter your search terms in the subject box to find thousands of articles.
NetWellness: This database will give you information on hundreds of diseases and wellness issues.
Student Research Center: This database will give you access to thousands of articles geared towards students doing research for school projects.
KnowItNow: Need a quick answer fast, and at any time? Know-It-Now is a 24/7 chat-based service that allows you to connect with a librarian at any time to get help with those tough questions.

"Thin" - This documentary follows women who live with eating disorders. Request the DVD online with your library card, or call the library to place the item on hold for pick-up.

Body image at - A good resource for statistics, fact sheets, and governmental information regarding body image and obesity.
TeensHealth - With tips on how to be a healthy teen with a healthy body image, TeensHealth gives information on what eating disorders are, and how to combat them.
World Health Organization - Include fact sheets about obesity worldwide, and key facts regarding the health risks.
Weight-control Information Network - This website discusses the prevalence of obesity in the United States.

Online Quiz:
Want to find out about your own body image? Try Seventeen Magazine's online Body Image quiz - "Are you cool with you?"

And as always - feel free to stop by the library and ask a librarian to direct you to the health books, or the teen nonfiction section. We are there to help!